Pondering Things Catholic

with Fr. Paul Gros

Meet Fr. Paul Gros

Fr. Paul Gros

Fr. Paul Gros is a priest in the Diocese of Baton Rouge, ordained in 2009, and serving currently at St. George Catholic Church. Fr. Paul has a particular charism for seeing the connections of faith, health, and daily struggles through the Heart of Christ.

How blessed are we all that he is now sharing his gifts on the digital continent through his podcast ministry,
"Pondering Things Catholic with Fr. Paul Gros"

FGC #308: “Pondering Things Catholic” – with Fr. Paul Gros

Announcing…the “Pondering Things Catholic” podcast with Fr. Paul Gros! On today’s episode of the Faith & Good Counsel show we have the gift of getting to know a bit about Fr. Paul Gros, and his new podcast being produced in the Faith & Good Counsel studio. We had a lot of fun with this episode, with…