Franciscan Friars of Renewal

Peace and Good 

Author:  Jacob Gulino

[an imitation of Gerard Manley Hopkins’ “Easter Communion”]

Tattered grey habits together thread by iron-on patches

Each pre-dawn, stomachs taxed by fasting, the slim pages flip

Branching croak-throat hymns to the Vine Whose graces drip

Myrrh-laced incense spiraling heavenward from red-book matches

Unbridled in gospel freedom by Kingdom-bound detachment

Two by two spanning the four corners without a script

Threefold vows, the chalice they choose to sip

Blessing the forgotten, in begging, in leather-sandaled traction

The friars confer peace and good on all who ring and knock

And fill up vagabond bellies with donated local bread

Speaking hope by His name to the Good Shepherd’s flock

And diffusing seraphic joy in callous-toed tread

The meager they’ve become, after the Poverello they walk

To the white-robed banquet of the Maker they’ve wed


This piece was written by my son, Jacob Gulino….so please bear with my motherly pride:)  I find it stunningly beautiful, and just had to share with my readers.  Just to give you a context, it was written in honor of an order of of holy friars based in New York City called the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal.  These friars live in poverty themselves, serving the poorest of the poor – truly Jesus in His distressing disguise.   I pray you love it as much as I do, and that it moves your heart as it did mine.